Goby Furniture is made by a group of real people. The furniture is for real target consumers.

Who are they?

Literary and artistic youths who love text creation?

Casual flower shop owners?

Photographers who carry cameras everywhere?

The excrement shovel officer who raises fold-eared cats in the community?


Whoever it is, the important thing is that we are just as likely as you to choose between bulky, vintage furniture and cheap wooden furniture that floats on the surface.

So we understand you!

"A place where you can buy furniture that suits your heart and tone"

We are not experts in the traditional furniture industry,

and we will not pretend to be a big company,

just a small furniture company made by a group of young people,

but this does not prevent us from earnestly developing and producing high-quality tonal furniture.

Then the furniture will be sent to their unfinished home, the cabinets will be opened, and there will be treasures from the old market.

They will lie on the sofa and read a book. At night, they will turn on a bedside lamp and tell their children a bedtime story.

Recorded as a photo to serve as our brand photo.

Instead of having to stuff furniture into the concrete wall to take a bunch of photos far away from life, seriously pretending that high-end.

furniture is a recorder of life,

not the more advanced the better, but the more comfortable the better

The two have their own passions.

After work, I go home and sit on the sofa with my child,

watch TV, cook together, clean the room together,

smile at each other,

hug to sleep at night,

kiss each other goodbye in the morning and go to work.

Across the desert

Walk through the wilderness

Smelled roses

Still longing for the warmth of home, that's why we make Goby Furniture

Meet Our Team
Will WU Online Shop Owner

The builder of Goby Furniture. As a Chinese, Like to eat hot pot. Best piece of advice given: "A tree takes 60 years to mature, and the moment a piece of furniture is shipped out of the factory, its real growth begins."

KRui Product Manager

Discover all kinds of classic furniture. As a former fashion designer, KRui has a unique aesthetic. When she puts this ability in the furniture industry, your hourse begins to look amazing. To furniture, Krui is a harsh mistress

Bruce Sy Sale Manager

All orders are handled by him, including the wooden frame protection of the shipment, order tracking. As he said, without him, this online store will be completely shutdown.

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