Eanes Secretary Cabinet
Eanes Secretary Cabinet

Eanes Secretary Cabinet

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Eanes Secretary Cabinet

The secretary cabinet, derived from the filing cabinets and workbenches used in early European secretarial work, is a very representative Nordic medieval furniture.
Continuing the tradition of the medieval secretary cabinet for redesign, it passed through a hundred years and was born again.



The inner cavity is spacious and sufficient, and can be freely planned

The wide inner cavity is 75cm wide and 32cm high, which can hold a lot of books and objects. As shown in the actual measurement, it can accommodate 55 large magazines and books of various sizes.

Comfortable Extended Large Table Top

The extended desktop is 38cm deep and the total depth of the inner cavity is 78cm, which is as deep as an ordinary desk. The use space is very sufficient. The width of 75cm allows the elbows to be stretched comfortably, and it is not easy to get tired after sitting for a long time.

Anti-deformation groove technology for table board

The processing of anti-deformation grooves is very difficult, but it can effectively reduce the chance of cracking and deformation of large-area solid wood tabletops.

The table board is supported by movable horizontal squares | it can be stretched freely

When you need to use the table board, you only need to gently pull out the solid wood horizontally about 20cm, and you can firmly support the table board without pulling it out too long; when it is not in use, it is hidden in the cabinet, with only two textured brass handles Embellish the cabinet.

Close the table | Transform into a tidy storage cabinet

After using for a long time, it is inevitable that sometimes the objects in the cabinet are messy, but they often have their own placement logic. If a guest suddenly comes to the door, or when you go out for a long time, you don't need to clean it up, just close the cabinet door and lock up the clutter. It will be a beautiful and dust-proof corner.

5 large and small drawers|Hoarding warehouse with strong storage capacity

1) There are 2 small drawers on the top of the cabinet, which can store commonly used small items for easy access: data cables, earphones, stationery, etc.; if it is placed in the bedroom and needs to be groomed, it can also store facial masks, color contact lenses, makeup pens, etc.
2) There are 3 large drawers below, one shallow and two deep, which can be called a storage warehouse

Spindle-shaped high cabinet legs carry out the medieval style

The total height of the cabinet legs is 30cm, which is a very common high-foot design in middle-aged furniture, which makes the overall visual effect of the cabinet light, and it is also convenient for the feet to stretch without hitting the feet.

See high quality in details

The splicing of the cabinet body adopts high-precision traditional dovetail rod technology, which makes the cabinet body more durable; rounded corners are rounded around, and the side line is finely cut at 45°, which is polished to a smooth and silky appearance, and beauty and safety coexist.


▽ Workbench

▽ Dresser and desk

Length: 80 cm
Depth : 45 cm
Height: 112 cm
Frame : cherry wood | walnut wood
Back Panel/ Drawer Bottom Panel : multi-layer solid wood

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

The following are the material characteristics and are not a quality issue.