Luxury Cat Stand

Luxury Cat Stand

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Height: 180 cm
Bottom Plate: 75*56 cm

pine wood | sisal | cotton | hardware parts

❓: What is the material of the pillar? Is it stable for a 5kg cat to play?
The thickened and hardened environmentally-friendly paper tube is uniformly used for the pillars, and a single pillar can bear the weight of an adult. Healthy and tasteless, not easy to deform. Material is more environmentally friendly.

❓: The quality of how? How thick the sheet is, whether there are burrs?
1.5cm thick pine board. At the same time, in order to prevent the cats from being scratched by the board, all the boards are rounded and polished repeatedly by hand to prevent any burrs and ensure the safety of the cats.

❓: Does it smell bad? Is it environmentally friendly?
The whole body uses odorless natural wood wax oil, no pungent smell.

❓: Is it easy to clean and take care of? Is the blanket removable and washable?
The scratching blanket is fixed with Velcro and the board, and can be removed by gently pulling it. Regularly clean it to keep the cats healthy.