Mobile Flower Pot Holder
Mobile Flower Pot Holder
Mobile Flower Pot Holder

Mobile Flower Pot Holder

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【Goby Furniture Says】

Nowadays, everyone likes to add a large pot of green plants at home. Because of the layout of the home, sometimes the green plants are placed in corners that cannot be illuminated. Everything grows in the sun, green plants need the sun to shine, but moving it to the balcony may be heavy work for heavy potted plants, and cleaning and moving is also troublesome. After much deliberation, let’s make a better quality product and share it with you who have taste. In fact, it is very strong, can be used for many years, and has certain decorative and functional functions.

Universal wheels with brakes, free to move and lockable.

Rubber silent wheels, no damage to the floor and floor tiles, no need to worry about noise when moving.

Has excellent air permeability, which is conducive to the permeability of the bottom of the green plant pot

Volcanic rock is a glassy lava with dense pores formed by the condensation of molten magma with volcanic eruption, and its pore volume accounts for more than 50% of the rock volume. Because of its many pores and its natural structure, it has excellent air permeability and water permeability, and has certain water absorption. It is characterized by light weight, high strength, good ventilation, fire prevention, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, pollution-free, non-radioactive, etc. It is an ideal natural green, environmental protection and energy-saving building material raw material.
Length: 35 cm
Width: 35 cm
Height: 10.5 cm
red oak / balck walnut