Solid Wood Monitor Stand
Solid Wood Monitor Stand
Solid Wood Monitor Stand

Solid Wood Monitor Stand

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This product may not look good, but it has deep feelings for me. When I was doing programming before, I worked in front of the computer all day long, but the stand of the company's computer monitor could not be raised or lowered, and I often suffered from neck pain after working with my head down for a long time.

Everyone thought of a way to use a book to put it under the base of the monitor. I don’t think it looks very good, but it solves a big personal problem. I think many people will have this feeling.

It can increase the height of the display and store the keyboard to keep the desktop tidy

Made of logs

The keyboard can be stored to keep the desktop clean

Board material: black walnut, red oak (Pure log, not veneered board. Whole board production, not jigsaw) Structural technology: traditional dovetail tenon

It can also be used as a display stand or a small table

Note: As a product used on the table, we want to make it perfect, so we choose the whole log to make it, not a jigsaw puzzle. The largest presents a complete wood grain texture for you to appreciate. This kind of whole material is particularly difficult to choose, everything is fate. Every board is unique.

Length: 50 cm
Width: 20 cm
Height: 8/12 cm
red oak / balck walnut