Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island
Windsor Kitchen Island

Windsor Kitchen Island

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[Goby Furniture Says]

Why choose an kitchen island?
  • Increase the operating space
  • Increase the storage space, and put down all the sundries
  • As a partition, divide functional areas
  • As a dining area, breakfast and afternoon tea, easy and convenient
  • As an office housework area, it is more friendly than a desk
An kitchen island brings a new experience to life

01.Open a new era of social interaction in living room

The kitchen island is a part of the living room or dining room. The integrated layout of dining and kitchen is bright and open, multi-functional and changeable, which can bring a new experience to life.

02.New spatial pattern of high and low blending

With the dining table of the same series, an integrated space pattern of island and platform is formed. Meal preparation and dining are no longer zero interaction. The single-person small world and the multi-person small team are independent and harmonious, which is a very comfortable social distance.

03.Increase interaction with family

In addition to watching TV in the traditional living room, I really can’t think of a second way to use it. With the kitchen island, you will find that it is easy to take care of the baby, invite friends to save face, and have a place to display hobbies, and the family spends more time together.

04.Table retractable

Fully considering the practicality and space, the design with the expansion and contraction function can be large or small to stage a transformation. It is not only friendly to small apartments, but also considers occasional dinners with relatives and friends.

05.Sintered stone

Natural stone is high-grade, fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant, high-hardness and friction-resistant, and can be in direct contact with food.

Advantages of sintered stone

06.Large capacity storage

Tableware and pots can be classified and stored according to the actual situation, which is more flexible and free.

07.Movable power socket

All the small appliances at home can be handled here, and the socket can be moved at will. (The British socket can be replaced)

08.Good Design without wasting side

Metal hanging strips are designed on the side, which is convenient for storing a variety of tools, and the small design solves big problems.

09.Multi functional peg board + stainless steel baffle

In order to make full use of the space, a pegboard element is added to the back, which is visually soft and beautiful. It can be matched with IKEA pegboard accessories, and the tools you need can be hung as needed.

The bottom is a stainless steel plate, which is waterproof and anti-fouling, and can be kept clean, just wipe and clean.

Length: 90/ 110/ 120 cm
Width: 87 cm
Height: 95 cm
Length: 120/ 140/ 160 cm
Width: 80 cm
Height: 75 cm
Frame : cherry wood
Drawer Side Panel : pine wood
Side Panel/ Drawer Bottom Panel : multilayer board

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth.

The following are the material characteristics and are not a quality issue.